Over the past 12 years, I have tutored dozens of students in math and physics.  I have over 3500 hours of one-on-one tutoring experience.  My students have turned around failing and D grades to A’s and B’s.  I’ve seen students grow in confidence, improve their work ethic, overcome fears, and discover joy in learning. Given my track record, I can confidently say that most students see improvement in mathematical understanding, confidence, and grades within 6 weeks of tutoring.

As a tutor, my passion is supporting students in their academic coursework.  I take pride in helping students “get it”.  My experience is that when students see a subject’s intrinsic worth, its relevance to their lives, and their own progress, they are intrinsically motivated to succeed.  For this reason, I guide students in discovering their abilities, rather than spoon-feeding material to them.  I strive to show students the internal logic and meaning behind every math and physics equation and concept.  I love building physical and visual intuition for abstract concepts:  drawing pies to illustrate fractions or pushing doors at various distances from the hinges to illustrate torque.  My students leave my sessions with a sense of wonder at the world around them and newfound confidence in their ability to investigate that world. 

When I first started tutoring, I did not expect it to become my career.  However, the joy I experienced helping others was so life-giving, I found that I couldn’t not tutor.  I love seeing my students light up when they understand a new concept.  I love watching students grow in confidence, skill, and joy.  I love it when they say “Hooray!” at the end of a problem well-done and when they tell me that something we did was fun.  Best of all, I love it when a student who starts out hating math admits, “I kind of like it now”.

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